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So sad - RAM failure - RMA needed


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I would like an RMA to exchange my corsair ram.


System worked fine with total of four memory cards installed for several months.


Then, two of the memory cards failed, first one (a few months ago) and then the other (last week).


Each time the failure occurred, the OS (SuSE) became unstable and was even unable to boot. Used the BIOS-level memory check and the memory check on the SuSE install DVD, I was able to verify that there were indeed problems with the memory.


In each case, removing the bad memory card restored the system to full functionality.


I am now down to 2 1-GB working chips, where I'd had 4GB total.


Please assist by giving me an RMA to exchange the 2 GB that has failed, my server is limping along right now using swap to make ends meet.

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