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why expancive highspeed Ram? (4GB)


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Why expancive highspeed Ram if i have to run them in DDR333 mode and whit low timings?


I have 2GB of xms3500LLPro and i like to upgrade them to 4GB. But make it sense to bye 2GB of ( XMS3200CL2 (215€)) if i have to sett them all to DD333 and low timings?


How much performance will i loose if i upgrade my system to 4GB and set my DDR419 2-3-2-6 settings to DD333 and low timings??? (in %)


what if i bye 4 *1024MB of cheep CL3 modules (4*40€ = 160€) and run them with DDR400 and CL3 timigs? would there be great difference between the cheep and the expencive solution?


thx for all pat

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It is not recommended to mix memory types. You need to EXACTLY match your current memory when adding to a dual channel system. Also, your MOBO and CPU should be able to run 4 DIMMs at DDR400 so you will not need to slow down to DDR333.


Also, if you do not have a 64 bit OS, then your system will not be able to fully utilize the 4gb of memory. Do you have a 32 bit OS or a 64 bit OS?

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