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Compatibility guarantee?


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I was wondering if there was any kind of compatibility guarantee with corsair ram. The warrentee faq / page doesn't mention this at all. The reason I'm asking is that I've just purchased a Fujitsu T4220 (Tablet PC), and it seems Fujitsu products are -very- picky about their RAM (tending to favor samsung chips in most cases).


The corsair configurator lists VS2GSDS667D2 as compatible, but is it guaranteed compatible, or just "the bus speed and form factor match this stick, so it should work." That is, if I get it and the stick is functionally good in another laptop, but does not function in the T4220, can it be sent back for a refund or replacement?


I searched around for information on this, but I either missed it, or it's a grey area that doesn't seem to come up often since most manufacturers do a good job of being standards compliant these days. ;):



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Any part listed by our configurator as compatible with your system, is guaranteed to work with your system. If there are any issues with memory compatibility we will make sure we get you a part that is compatible. Please keep in mind that our modules will be compatible with your system, however they may or may not be compatible with the existing memory in the system. When upgrading your memory it would be recommended to only add identical modules to the system, or replace existing modules with a matched set.
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