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First I thought my 620 was a DOA...but it's really weak


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Hey all,


This is my first time building a computer (took me four hours, I know I am a noob) but when I finally got everything together, I plugged the comp in, held my breathe, and pushed the power button. Imagine my surprise (maybe I should have expected it?) when absolutely nothing happened. No whirring fans, no blinking lights, nothing.


I unplugged all the unnecessary items and tried again. Still no go. I must have taken out the main power connector to the mobo dozens of times... still nothing.


I finally removed my PSU and tested it on a 5 year old computer. Granted, I had to go to the 20 pins, but when I pushed the power button... it worked! I was happy to know that the PSU was ok... until I noticed that everything was running slowly. The fans were barely moving and none of the LED lights were coming on. And this computer functioned just fine with a 230w PSU!


IS there anything I can do? Or do I just have a messed up PSU?



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