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Mounting PSU (Rightside up?)


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I just recently purchased a HX520w and plan to put it on my Antec 900 case (PSU slot is on the bottom of the Case).


Since the fans are on the bottom of the PSU as well, will mounting it right side up be fine? Or will I have to mount it upside down so the fans face up?


This is an exhaust fan correct?


Should I just cut out a hole on the bottom of my 900 to vent the air from the PSU?


Thanks for the help.

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If there are vents or if there is a little space below the PSU when it is installed, then I would install it right-side up. If it sits flush with the bottom of the case with no ventilation, then install it upside down, the air will exhaust out of the back of the PSU.
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I am in the same situation. The Antec 900 case bottom-mounts the PSU and it sits flush against the bottom metal tray. PSU's with bottom-mounted cooling fans will need to be mounted upside-down in order to allow airflow as well as flush-fit in these cases.


Looking into the Corsair HX series, it appears this may be a preferred mounting form as the circuit board and components will be oriented upwards. As heat rises, this should reduce circuit board heating as heat will rise and theoretically be collected by fan airflow to outside the case/back.


I just wanted to add the Corsair HX series has been winning praise from this system builder. These are the finest PSU's I've had the pleasure of using. I'm utterly impressed with the quality, durability and value in this line of products.

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