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Unsure if I can keep my ram


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Do to some issues with my p5n32-sli deluxe I am moving away from it.


I am currently looking at the Asus Striker (yes I know its built off of my current board) and the EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1.


I am curious how well these boards support my current ram:

TWIN2X2048-5400C4 DDR2-675 (XM2S-5400C4)


I intend to upgrade my ram, but it is not currently in the budget.


Thank you,

Michael Brunel

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I have the NF68 A1, it works really nicely with my Dominator C5Ds. EVGA's customer support is legendary too, part of the reason I went with their board.


The only con I've run into so far is an awful job with the TIM on the chipset. To get anything near a decent overclock, you need to pull the chipset heatsink right off, scrape away all the goo and put on some Arctic Ceramique or something.


After that, it's been smooth sailing.

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