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Here is my third e-mail to your tech support department, the first being written over a week ago. Excuse my frustration, I've used * to avoid this being banned by profanity - but if the shoe fits, wear it. I'd like an answer. Barring that, I'd like other in your forums to know that, in my experience so far, your tech support is a complete joke, and if it doesn't improve they ought to avoid your products like the plague unless this is an atypical mistake by Corsair:


<<Scuse me for my frustration, but for a company that tries to cultivate an image of both superior product and tech support, you are a bunch of bald-faced liars. I bought a set of 2 CM2X1024-6400 memory modules, and described my questions to you in detail: I currently have a Dell 400 XPS, capable only of clock speeds of 667 mhz for memory. I'm planning a new system, which will have DDR2 pc6400 800 mhz, and wanted to know if I can use that memory in both systems - i.e., in the dell system I already have, will the memory drop down to 667 mhz and thus be usable in the system, or will it not, and if installed could it cause harm to the Dell system.


Since you have no phone support, I'd think that your e-mail only tech support would be top notch. Silly me to believe this - my first e-mail, sent more than a week ago (I identified the problem as very time sensitive, given the pressure to make some wise choices that I'm under in my first e-mail)was never responded to by you.

So I sent you a second e-mail asking for a quick answer to this crucial question. Again, absolutely no response from your tech support.

So, now I'm probably wasting my time by asking for a third time the same question.

What would you conclude if a company that prides itself on its products and support had no phone support, and never answered their e-mail support? My point exactly! Please answer me asap, or I will shove these modules back down your throat thru asking the attorney general in my state to investigate whether your apparent offer of tech support when none provably exists by your lack ofo response constitutes consumer fraud and breach of contract, given my documentation of the complete failure of your tech support to serve any useful function. Do you really intend to treat your customers like this? If so, I hope your hungry competitors like Patriot, OCZ, Mushkin, et. al. eat your lunch. I know that if I don't get a prompt reply to my third and final e-mail, I'm going to spend a lot of time on the forums lots of people use to make decision (pricegrabber, bizrate, etc. etc. telling people that from my experience they can expect zero support for your products, and no matter how good the spec on your products look, they're only worth the quality of the tech support behind them. So far, that worth is right at zero. What's wrong with you people? How many e-mails do you think a customer should send your tech support before they receive an answer? Most companies would reply 'once'. What's your criteria for good customer service?


By the way, my last name is******, not ****** - your broken tech support system records an 'r' keyed in as in 'f'. And you guys are in the business of making techology work? It'll be laughable, if it weren't so frustrating>>

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that you feel as though we have ignored you; but there has to be some error that is being over looked. Our hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday excluding holidays! And our Tech Support number is at 800-205-7657 or you can call the main number 510-657-8747 or 888-222-4346 and Dial Ext 2 and we answer 80-90% of all calls during those hours. In addition, I am a bit miffed at your frustration and some of the comments you have made as it is the first time I have heard this from someone. All our email is answered every day and a you can expect a reply with in 24 Hours excluding weekends and holidays. And I just checked we only have one email from you this one you just sent from the forum.


Second any OEM system will not support our XMS modules as they will require the memory voltage to be set to 1.9-2.1 Volts and I doubt that your system will give you that option in it's BIOS setup. I would suggest you look up your system on our memory configurator and see if the reseller you use will help you get the correct module.

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