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Upgrading Rig, advice needed


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I really want to upgrade my current rig. My budget is 1200 euros (is about 1600 dollars). This is my current product selection:

* Intel Core 2 Q6600

* Cooler Master Hyper TX 2


* TWIN2X2048-8500C5D

* Sparkle GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB

* Cooler Master PSU,Real Power, 520W,3SLI,PI,Active PVC,Modulair


Futhermore I would like to overclock certain components to an acceptable limit with the cooler listed above.


Are there any con's in this specific line up? Any suggestions? Any OC tips?


In forward thanx!

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I personally would move to the P5K Deluxe board. Unless you are hell bend on going SLi. Every new generation video card is singly faster than the SLi of the previous version. I would also go with a Tuniq Tower 120 for a cooler if you intend on overclocking those quad core beasties. They do get hot and the temperature drop delta of the Tuniq Tower is far better than the Cooler Master. It will idle and load far cooler as well.


I would also purchase the XFX card instead of the sparkle. A double lifetime warranty and a far better RMA process will benefit you greatly.

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Thanx for the quick replies and the suggestions!



Could you elaborate a little on your suggestion? In my research I found out that the cooler master would be sufficient



What is the benefit of the P5K Deluxe?

The reviews I've read tell me that the NVIDIA nForce® 680i SLI™ is the best performing chipset with the GF8800GTX.

If it is worth it I would like to have the option of going SLI eventually. Or is SLI not worth the money?


Are there any more benefits with XFX?

Haven't had any problems with ATI or Nvidia cards until now, but that were all ASUS or Sapphire cards. I do not really care about the bundled software or other goodies included with a card.


And as for the Tuniq... I am still considering the tuniq or the cooler master. But I really do have to stick to the budget. So I have to research if the tuniq and the xfx won't scr#w my budget...



I really appreciate your comments/suggestions! Keep them coming!

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Done some research

Changing to a XFX and getting the Tuniq fits the bill, but going for the CMPSU-620HX will not... it is either the tuniq + xfx OR the CMPSU-620HX...


Although I am convinced of getting the Tuniq, I am not sure the XFX will do better over the sparkle.


That brings me to another issue, does the setup with the Tuniq fit in a Lian Li PC-60? The outer dimensions are the same as the LianLi PC 7b plus, but the inner space of the PC60 is a little less


@Ram Guy

Another problem is that the Corsair PSU costs almost twice the cooler masters PSU. If money would not be an issue I would go for the corsair straight away.

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What is better is the dual lifetime warranty and rma support of XFX. You will be able to sell this card to a another party, and they will also have the lifetime warranty. This is the only company that offers such a warranted proposal. Other than that, there is the RMA department which is far superior to Sparkle. With regards to the hardware, there should be little difference since both cards are pretty much held to spec.


Go to the Sparkle website and see if you can easily find a warranty/rma link.




Looking at the warranty it does struck us with some surprise as we are getting used to the lifetime warranty offered other brands, the contrast with the 3 years limited warranty offered by Sparkle isn't much as added value.




Regarding the 680i vs P5K Deluxe. You need to research more if you believe that 680i is superior to P5K in either overclocking heights/stability or Northbridge chipset timings/strapping. There is also the consideration of Penryn and whether the boards will accept this CPU.








It's your choice though. As a systems integrator, I can tell you that it has been my personal experience that 680i is a far hotter chipset, and the memory issues are far more problematic than P35. I do believe, however, that if you are going for the 680i implementation, then Asus is the "Only" way to go.




Regarding the Lian Li PC-60 and the Tuniq Tower. I can only go by dimensions, since I have never used the case. The Tuniq Tower is 15.5 cm tall and I have seen it fit into a 19cm (width) case. Now the Lian Li PC-60 is 21cm wide so I can not forsee any issues with fit.

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Thanx for the clarification! Quick read some 680i vs p35 articles and it indeed seems that if I don't go SLI, then don't go 680i. Then I considered SLI and looked into the benefits vs costs, conclusion: why the h#ll should I go SLI? I don't even own a display that can handle those kind of resolutions! :bigeyes:


Bottomline: You've got me! I am going P35.


Got any suggestions on a good MoBo? Why would a P5K Deluxe be better than the cheaper P5K SE? (I will do some research on it myself, but if you know already it would come in handy :D:)


Thanx for your contrib!

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P5K-SE has the implementation of 4 phase power conversion design vs the P5K-Deluxe 8 phase power design. With the overclocking of the Quad core, you will find that the 8 phase power conversion translates to less current per phase induction and this translates to tighter voltage tolerances, less ripple, better power regulation and less heat per phase. With Core2 this is not all that important unless you move to extreme cooling and overclocking but with median based overclocking of the Quad Core and longterm stability, I advise the Deluxe. As well, the Deluxe onboard sound (ADI AD1988B) is far superior in comparison to P5K-SE (Realtec 883).


You might wish to go with the P5K Vanilla and an E6750. You very likely will make 3.6 - 3.8Ghz and Quad is a bit early imo. I await the Intel Nehalem which will be true native quad core and by then DDR3 will have higher frequencies and tighter timings.


It is my opinion that in gaming, you would be far better served with E6750. You can save the money on the CPU and Board. Certainly that PSU is also a bit suspect with 8800GTX and Quad Core with overclocking in terms of long term stability.

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It's funny you mention the E6750, because that was my first choice. But then decided to go with the Q6600, because it fits within my budget. And I thought a Q6600 can keep me going for a while, say 3 to 5 years.


Then for gaming, what would you exactly recommend? I only need a CPU, a CPU Cooler, MoBo, Memory, a GF8800GTX 768MB and a PSU.


I alread own a SB Audigy 2 ZS (I never use the onboard sound), WD Raptors, a Case and CDRW/DVDRW (as you can see in my PC Spec's)


So much for my wishlist ;):

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Since you do not use onboard sound. I would go for the P5K-E, E6750, 8800GTX, Tuniq Tower, Corsair 8500C5, Corsair 520HX (seriously good PSU's for longterm). You get the 8 phase power of the P5D Deluxe with this board, and you also get the ability to dampen the Vdroop which will keep your CPU well overclocked with less Vcore.






8 X 450 = 3.6Ghz. You should be able to make that and maintain a nice cool system. I personally find that the Antec Nine Hundred is one of the best cases for airflow. Much better than my far more expensive Thermaltake Armour. You have quite a few drives and the two Raptors run warm. You may wish to look at, and save money on the Antec Nine Hundred. If you do, keep in mind that you will need a $3.00CAN 4pin power extension.

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What's that?:confused:


I have to admit I am fairly new to OC-ing, so I might need some help as soon as I get my rig :o:


No problem with the help, just make sure you have a notebook or some other system by your bench so that we can work together on it. Post in the overclocking section when you have the parts.


Regarding the 4-pin power extender:




The power supply is at the bottom of the case so the 4-pin power cable needs a bit of an extension to reach the board socket.


Great case, with all those drives you will be amazed at how cool they are kept.

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No problem with the help, just make sure you have a notebook or some other system by your bench so that we can work together on it.


I hope by some other means then this forum. No disregard for the forum by the way, it is just not an ideal way of communicating directly :biggrin:


Just checked out the Antec Nine Hundred. Pretty nice case, but it seems a little noisy with all those fans. How about the noise level of this case?

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I hope by some other means then this forum. No disregard for the forum by the way, it is just not an ideal way of communicating directly :biggrin:


Just checked out the Antec Nine Hundred. Pretty nice case, but it seems a little noisy with all those fans. How about the noise level of this case?


Yes, IM is the only way to go when doing such work and is why I mentioned the computer by the workbench. :)


All of the fans have a 3 stage switch. You can and should set them all to low as this is more than enough for airflow. It is very quiet actually. One 200cm fan at the top, two 120mm fans in the front and one 120mm fan at the back. All running quite slowly. It's a case of CFM, not Fan speed. This "air delivery" is what matters most, not the fan velocity.

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You will gain the voltage dampener and the 8-phase power with the P5K-E. I see that ASUS has discontinued the non-wifi version. Better sound as well and better resale value.

I know what you mean about the wi-fi. Consider it an extra :) It's still a far better price than the deluxe and there's no real difference between it and the deluxe when it comes to overclocking.



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In that setup, the first thing I would see as a move piece would the the HX520. The HX620 is a phenominal PSU and will give you much more head room. Also, an E6850 might well take you to 3.8 - 4.0Ghz on that Tuniq Tower.


Other than that, you're in pretty rarefied air at the moment. PM me for contact and time details regarding IM.

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(sorry to interupt)


What cooler are you using on your E6600?


I have a Tuniq Tower lapped to polished copper. This CPU is a Low VID (1.225v) L629B330. The "B" fabs are a known cherry that can take the higher end overclocks with far less voltage than their "A", "F" fabbed bretheren. They also are known to run warmer. Even so, it depends on the luck of the draw. I have two "B" E6600's atm. One is the one in my sig and the other is an L628B121 that I run also at 3.6Ghz with 1.39v (Vdroop on P5K Vanilla). It's temps are quite a bit better. Close to 8C diffence on load. Also on the Tuniq Tower.

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Regarding the Tuniq...

I have read a review which states as con's:

* Unusable thermal paste

* The finish of the cooler's base is not particularly well finished

(ref: http://www.bigbruin.com/reviews05/sunbeamtuniq/index.php?file=1)


Is it a good idea to buy some better thermal paste and polish the copper base a little?

* What will I need to polish it?

* Any thermal paste recommendations?


The final setup:

* Tuniq tower 120 CPU cooler

* Corsair CMPSU-620HXEU 620WMB 2.2MHZ

* Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case no PSU

* Intel E6850 core2 duo 3.00 4Mb 1333 Retail

* Asus P5K-E s775 90-MBB6U1-G0EAY00Z

* XFX 8800 GTX 768mb PCI-E Retail PV-T80F-SHF9

* Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5D 2x1024MB 1066MHZ


Can I place my order, or are there still some missed considerations?

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Have you had excperience using the Arctic Freezer 7?

That's the cooler I'm thinking of getting but am not sure if it's a good one or not. I'll probably be getting an E6600 also.


I'm also going to be building a PC soon and have a $1600 budget (that's including a $170 19" monitor).


What I have on my list so far is:


Abit IP35 Motherboard

C2D E6600


Evga 8800GTS 640mb

Corsair 620HX

Antec 900

Arctic Freezer 7

and 5 Yate Loon 120mm fans


What's the temp ratio ArcticF7 to TuniqT 120?

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