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Hey all, I've been doing a it of looking around and from what I'm hearing it seems that keeping your RAM in 1:1 yeilds some major benefits? Supposedly keeps things moving along faster?


My current setup is as follows:

FSB: 1333MHz

CPU: (9x multiplier) 3.33GHz

RAM: (3:2 multiplier) 888.8MHz


Now setting my RAM to 1:1 in this configuration would cause my RAM to run at 1333MHz, obviously that's not going to happen (Dominator 800MHz RAM is good but not THAT good.) My CPU is a C2D E6700, so 9x multi is it's max, so lowering the FSB clock and raising the multiplier isn't an option either. So it would seem that the only way to have my RAM running at a 1:1 ratio would be to lower my FSB to around 900MHz (or whatever my RAMS max proved to be) and just dealing with the lower CPU speed? Would that have a positive or negative impact on overall system performance (I can't believe the 1:1 ratio would make that big a difference)?


Or am I missing something here? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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Your 1333MHz FSB is quad pumped. This means that the real FSB is 1333/4 = 333Mhz. For a 1:1 relationship between your CPU and RAM, and on a non-overclocked system, you would use 333:666 (since ram is dual channel). Any relationship where the ram is increased will allow for a faster (somewhat) throughput. So, at 800Mhz on the RAM and 333Mhz on the FSB, you are actually at 333:888 or as you put down, the 3:2 multiplier.


You are correct. A 1:1 ratio vs a 3:2 ratio is really not as useful as a 3:2 ratio. 333:333 (1:1) is not as fast as 333:888 (2:3) or in certain timing situations, they might end up being quite close but doubtful slower.


You should be fine at these settings. I would set your memory voltage to 2.0v and then test with Memtest from http://www.memtest.org

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