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Important Upping To 4BG RAM


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I have the P5N32 Deluxe non Conroe board.


I have the Dominator 6400c4 with 2 gigs installed.


Im going with a 64bit os so it shouldn't matter there.


Im upping to 4 for more ram ofcourse but when i was using the 5400c4 last year with 0310 bios ffrom ASUS, i was getting a reading of 2390 and with pci remap on it was 2048 even with 4096 installed.


I have 0405 now and would like to use 4096 with the 64bit os.


Will this model take 4096 with a 64bit os?


Its tough since that older bios saw only 2048 even with 4096 instaled but i heard it might have been fixed and this board is the Nforce 4 X16 for intel pentium D's.

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You should contact the MB and or CPU maker for more specifics on this question.

But the CPU will need to support 64 Bit instructions or it will never show the full four gig. and that MB is rated at DDR667 and with 4 modules and a 533 FSB CPU the fastest you would be able to run the memory at would be DDR533.

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Its a pentium D 940 800FSB chip.


Its a 64bit CPU. so there shouldn't be a problem i don't think but i know this board is a so called lemon until a bios 0405 fixed stuf with it and using chipset: Nforce 4 X16 im kinda gambling on getting ram and if i don't work i have to return it.

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