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Bought a 2GB Value Select DDR400 Cas 3 RAM kit the other week for my desktop. Had been running TwinX 512 DDR400 for the last two years and finally decided to splash out on some much needed RAM.


Am running computer (AMD Athlon 64 3200+ w/ Abit AX8 V1.0 mobo) at stock settings (204MHz FSB for the AX8 is stock, so Venice 3200+ is running at 2040MHz) with RAM set to SPD settings, which in this case are 3-3-3-8.


Voltages have been running at Auto which on the AX8 is 2.65V for the RAM.


Installed the RAM two weeks ago (took out the 512 TwinX) and have had stability problems ever since. Started blue screening occasionally, and has gotten worse with time. Ended up blue screening perhaps once an hour with an "IRQ_NOT_EQUAL" or similar message.


Ran MemTest 86, and one stick of RAM consistently failed starting with Test 3, Pass 1. Failure was at multiple locations.


Removed the troublesome stick and MemTest ran stable for 7+ hours overnight. No bluescreens running on this stick for several hours gaming at a time.


Put the troublesome stick back in and pushed voltage to 2.8V which I have read in another post these sticks are rated for ... still failed MemTest 86, with stock timings and FSB pulled back to exactly 200MHz = DDR400.


Submitted RMA request last Friday but still haven't heard anything. Are you able to help out?




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