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4Gig problem


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Problem: System will not boot past logo when 4 Gig of ram is installed.


Ram: Corsair Twin2X2048-6400C4PRO (x2 for 4Gig)


O/S: Vista64, but doesn't matter - won't boot to CD or HD


BIOS: 0805


System runs okay with 2 Gig installed.


All memory passes Memtest86+ V1.70 with 2 Gig installed.


BIOS set to Corsair specs i.e. DDR2-800MHz 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V

(Also fails with BIOS defaults)

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System Specs:




BIOS: 0805

CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800



CPU: 2933 MHz

FSB: 1066 MHz

MEM: 400 MHz


Have tried setting memory frequency to DDR667 and DDR400 - system is completely dead - will not POST.

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Have you tested the modules one or one set at a time to make sure one of the modules is not failing? If so and they all work one or one set up then its most likely not the memory. I would check that you have a big enough PSU for your system configuration and that the MB has the latest BIOS.
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I think I've found the problem:


If I swap the pairs of modules around (i.e. 4 modules installed, but swapping which banks they are in), the symptom changes from freezing at the logo to not posting at all (i.e. blank screen). This indicates that there is a difference between the modules.


Further testing has revealed the following:


Testing the modules in single channel mode (i.e. two modules adjacent to each other) has identified one particular module that always fails. All combinations using any two of the other three modules pass Memtest. It appears that whenever this particular module is used in an adjacent bank, it causes the problem.


I have also run the test in single channel mode with the three good modules installed and all is good. If I substitute the faulty module with either of the adjacent modules, the test fails.


The test also fails when using either pair of the adjacent sockets on the mother board.


Is testing in single channel mode a valid test? I have run Windows using pairs of the modules in single channel mode okay - except when the faulty module is used.


I appreciate your help - thanks.

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