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Bluescreen with corsair pc6400 2gb


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dear ram guy

i am using asus P5n32 sli plus mobo with corsair twin 2x 2048 xms2 pc 6400 ram

My system is not stable.It bluescreen frequently.

The only bluescreen i get is

Hardware malfunction

contact your hardware vendor for support

**the system was halted


This error also came when i tried to install windows vista with 2 gb.

When i remove 1 stick of ram.My system somewhat stable but still get the same bluescreen.


One more thing when i run memtest86 windows version the same bluescreen comes and for that time there are no errors.

Also in a dos version(booting through cd rom) no errors are detected.


Only i am worrying about this unexcepted hardware malfunction bluescreen.


one more thing..

When i bot vista with 1 or 2 gb i get another bluescreen

PFN list corrupt.

stop 0x00004e

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dear ram guy

i havent overclock my motherboard.It is in the auto condition.Only i have changed the ram settings provided by the corsair.


1.9 volt

core2duo @1.8ghz multiplier 9

No performance settings.

Not even a bit of overclocking.



Pfn list corrupt bluescreen has vanished.It was due to bad creative sound blaster drivers 5.1.

I want to know why core 2 duo will not support corsair 800 mhz ram.

why i have to underclock it

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thankyou ramguy .now my pc is stable.The blescreen has disappeared.

But there is a small problem of noise in my computer.

Whenever i click window close button or run a game.,There comes noise of

ssssss sssss sssss sssss.From computer frequently.When i start memtest ,its frequency increases.

It also comes when the computer is not under load.

Its not my hard disk noise and neither it is the processor fan noise.It comes where the ram is installed.

My pc is fine but this noise is a nuisance.

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Dear ram guy the problem is still not rectified,

i have underclocked my ram to 533 mhz.Earlier i used to get hardware malfunction bluescreen instantly when i started memtest(windows version).

at about 0.4% coverage.

But in 533 mhz i am getting the same bluescreen at 6.5 % coverage

I dont know what to do and which frequency will be the best.

Why is this happening.

Have u heard of this earlier also?

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None of your issues sound as though the problem is DRAM. You may wish to take your computer to a repair technician in order to isolate the exact issue. Keep in mind that these boards do have issues with 4GB and the DRAM running full speed. Often you must downclock the DRAM and raise the timings of the DRAM in order to find stability. Keep in mind that this is a function of the motherboard chipset/BIOS and not the DRAM.


I would set the DRAM timings to AUTO and the DRAM speed to 533 and then test with memtest at boot. Do not use the windows version as the problem might well be software.


Boot with memtest...

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