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I Want to RMA a Product: RAMGUY, I Need You to Approve


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I own a set of Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400 2GB (5-5-5-18) modules. They are only about 10 months old, but already one of the sticks has failed.


I know this because: If I turn on my computer with only one of the sticks installed, the system works perfectly. Using the other stick, the system powers on, but will not post. Rarely, it will post, but even if it does, it will never get close to loading Windows before the system freezes.


If I have both sticks installed in my system, it will post about half the time - but once it gets into Windows I will get a Blue Screen of Death after a few minutes mentioning a memory dump. I have swapped sticks into different slots and get the same results.


I have not run Memtest, but I didn't see a point since my system has problems starting up properly with the bad stick of RAM inserted. My system has been rock solid until the past week when it would have problems starting up and getting Blue Screens of Death.


RAMGUY, I want you to give the okay to RMA the memory, because I don't want to just send them in and then never hear about them again. If you do approve, do I send in both sticks of RAM or just the bad one? Thank you very much for your time!

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Hi, I sent out the RAM on Sept. 6, but I used Canada Post to ship which is notoriously slow. I called for a status update and they said it would take until around the 24th for it to get to you. Is there a time limit from when you issue an RMA number to when it must be received? Thanks very much for your time, you've been really helpful!
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