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Twin2XPC6400C4 & P5B: Second Pair dead too?


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Alright, I had issues back about 6 months ago with some Twin2XPC6400C4 RAM and I had them RMA'd for a new matched pair. I got them without issues and put them in. I was sure to leave the whole system at factory settings for a month before trying to OC my system.


System Specs:

Conroe E6700

Arctic Freezer 7 Pro

P5B Deluxe WiFi

Corsair HX 620W

BFG 8800GTS OC2 320MB

Windows XP 32bit


My usual OC settings are a 1:1 FSB:RAM 8x400, 3.2GHz setting with the RAM set to the factory 2.1v (tried 2.0) and 4-4-4-12 timings.


Well, I got the same issue as with the first set of sticks I had. I ran it fine for the first month at factory (BIOS) defaults, then when I OC'd it, I got about a month or two of decent play (decent means minimal BSOD), then after that, crashes every 10-20 minutes.


With both sets, I ran memtest86 (Legacy USB disabled) flawlessly overnight with the OC settings. Did I get another bad set of sticks or are we perhaps looking at a compatibility issue? I always have updated drivers and BIOS versions on my system.



EDIT: For now I have some brutal Value Ram (PC5300) sitting in it's place and the system runs faster and without crashing 100% of the time.

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I would test the modules at the tested setting with out over clocking your system, if they pass at the default MB with the Modules tested settings but not when over clocked I would try and lower your over clock.
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Will the modules pass with out over clocking the CPU?


Well, the CPU is no longer OC'd, yet I cannot keep the system up with the modules in at all. So I guess the answer is no. I cannot get any programs to run for long now. I don't see how memtest would not crash my system when everything from games to internet browsers and even notepad opening crash it.

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