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Corsair CM75DD2048R-400/E Compatability Issues


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Corsair CM75DD2048R-400/E 2GB DDR2-400 PC2-3200P-333-12-J1


I have purchased 6 x memory modules with the following codes:


2GB 2RX4 PC2-3200P-333-12-J1


Please see attached picture.


I am having compatability issues with this memory on 3 intel server boards with the main motherboard being:



Please could you send a list of server boards that are compatible with this Two Rank memory.


My local wholesaler have tested the memory on the above mentioned server boards and say that it is due to the power requirements of this Dual Rank/Two Rank memory.


Is this correct ? If so, is there a bios or other fix for this motherboard that will resolve the issue.


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