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which is beter plz help thanks

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been playing around with my ram which is a beter setting thanks



my cpu is at 3.8 with x 9 multi

dominator 8500


which is beter 1200 mhz at 5-5-5-15 2.2volts but will go to 1250 stable but playing safe so droped to 1200




874 mhz 4-4-4-1 2.2 volts wont take case 3 timeings


or some thing elsa any help would be great thanks:biggrin:

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It's good to run ~8 hours. Keep in mind that Small FFT's stress the CPU and Large FFT's stress the memory. Small FFT's sit in the L2 cache where as the Large FFT's have to use the memory. For overall system stability, use the blend.


Since you have already memtested, you really only need to use small FFT's.


For dual-core/Hyperthreaded CPUs, please try this SP2004 Orthos Edition



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