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Intel 1333mhz vs 1066mhz compatibility question


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Does the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors (1333mhz vs 1066mhz) change the memory criteria? For example, I just got done building an E6850 computer on Intel Battle Axe 2 motherboard with 4GB TWIN2X2048-5400C4 memory and it won't boot or show any picture. When I take out 2GB (so 2GB total) it will boot. The memory is DDR2 675 PC2 5400 Corsair TWIN2X2048-5400C4.


However, I helped a friend this last week build a machine with the Intel E6600 1066mhz with the same motherboard and same memory with 4GB and it worked fine. The only changes between the two are the processor, one was Intel E6850 1333mhz and the other is E6600 1066mhz, while the E6600 worked with 4GB DDR2 675, the E6850 DID NOT.


We also tested with 1GB all of the 4 DIMM's and all recognized and boot properly when a single (or two) DIMMS were used, so I know the motherboard is working properly. Also manually set the speed and voltage within the bios with 2GB prior to installing the other 2GB on the E6850 and that didn't solve the issue.


Is this normal? Suggestions? Does the E6850 on the BattleAxe2 require DDR 800?

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I would suggest contacting the MB maker and see if they have a newer BIOS that might solve this and make sure that MB will support that CPU.


RAM GUY, I appreciate the response. I called Intel, they said that "you cannot get full functionality of that processor with that motherboard" of which we already knew. The latest Intel BIOS is currently in place. Is there anything in place that you can see from running 667 memory with 1333mhz processor?

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