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Can a HX520W destroy a (two) motherboard?


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I have been having some hellish problems with my P5K motherboard, see thread for the background.




Basically I bought a HX520W a few weeks ago and when I first installed it I got this behaviour where the system would just not post, everything would spin up and just sit there, no video or keyboard input. I re-seated all the cards and it worked fine after that until a few weeks later when it decided not to post again.


I got a replacement board and......




I got my replacement board today and all installed everything is going fine, except the Accelero S1 cooler for my X1900XT is struggling on the VRM, its not happy.


So I decided to re-seat the VRM heatsink on the X1900XT, I switched off properly, left the plug in but turned off the PSU at the rocker, I then take the card out, do all I need to and put it back in.


I am now getting the *exact* same problem as the board I just returned, no post!! Just sits there spinning all the drives, fans and everything, no video output and no keyboard input. The tech guy at Novatech said it first posted on their test setup and then would never post again.


I am not a happy bunny. I have been building PCs for years and have never had so much trouble as this.


A) Is my PSU faulty in some way and this causes it a fubar the board? I really can't see how, the PSU seems to be behaving perfectly fine.


I am really careful with static, I have never, ever had an issue like this and I am at the end of my tether. Is the P5K really picky with taking stuff out of it? I just can't see it or understand.


I am tempted to give up and try a Abit board but I am still not sure of some component of my system is causing damage to the mobo in someway. I have never seen anything like it.


Something wrong with my P180 case? It all looks fine, its put in on the pre-installed fixings/mounting holes and is seated fine with no obvious problem.




Any one got any ideas at all?





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