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Bad PC3700 module?


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I recently started to get a number of blue screen of deaths on my PC which seemed to indicate bad ram (the PC has been running for 4yrs without any problem). I have a twin set of RAM modules and have determined, by removing each of them individually, that one of the RAM modules is causing the BSD's and am not quite sure what to do from this point. I was now going to run MemTest to see if that also produces errors but was wondering if I should consider changing my bios settings and if so what to?


I upgraded my bios about a year ago so am currently running the default settings and do not currently overclock the machine.


My system config is as follows:


Intel 3.06ghz 800fsb

Gigabyte 8KNXP Ultra motherboard

Hiper 580w psu

CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 466 (PC 3700) Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model TWINX1024-3700PT (platinum edition) - Retail

2 seagate hard drives (I hot swap 1 of them)

Thermaltake case


Finally if I do need to RMA the RAM how would I do this as the PC 3700 doesnt seem to appear on the drop down list of RAM chips anymore?

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Memory timings:

CAS 2.5

Active to precharge delay: 7

Dram RAS to Cas delay: 4

Dram Ras precharge: 4

Refresh Mode: 7.8 os


Not sure what the CPU settings are but everything is default from the motherboard as you can see from the timings above. What settings do you want from the CPU?

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