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help with memtest and CMX512-3200C2


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Hey all, I just my new setup up and running along with 2 sticks of CMX512-3200C2 running dual channel. I ran memtest86 and am coming up with errors in only test 4. Is there a known glitch with dual channel and this bench? also, I'm not overclocked, running in synch. thanks My system.. Athlon XP2500+ barton Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb Abit nf-7 Corsair XMS - 512mb pc3200 x 2 (1024mb - Dual Channel) Enermax 431watt PSU Maxtor 160gb IDE 7200rpm - 8mb cache Maxtor 250gb IDE 7200rpm - 8mb cache Liteon CDRW 52x24x52 Creative Ovation DVD 12x Kworld TV Tuner Card 8 in 1 internal media reader NEC usb 2.0 card Audigy 2 soundcard Lian-Li aluminum box Running Windows XP PRO sp-1 (ntfs)
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