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HX520W & MSI K8t Neo-f (MS-7125)

Ashaman Jay

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I bought a Corsair HX520W because my old 550w used more power heating the room than it did powering the PC.


When I wired it up it wouldn't post no matter what I tried, so I thought it was a dodgy connection somewhere.


At one point when checking connections I forgot to turn off the rocker switch on the back of the new PSU and unplugged the main mobo cable. When I pushed it back in to make sure it was seated properly the machine booted up and posted and windows fired up no problems.


Yeeha thinks myself.


I put the side back on. Powered it down, waited a bit, then powered back on again and the bloody thing wouldn't post.... WTF!!!


Put the noise/heat generating mofo PSU back in. Booted 1st time, no probs.


Anyone any ideas. Cos I'm stumped :!:

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Sorry. I should have stated the when I hit the power button all my fans spin up (CPU, Vid Card & case), the HD light comes on as it normally does and the lights move on the top of my RAM as normal.


I don't get anything on the screen though and no POST beep. It's as if it just gets to the part where I should get a display and it just hangs. :confused:

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Just finished doing that. Still no joy. I even tried with an old PCI Video card I found in the cupboard. (Matrox no less :p: )


And still when I put the old PSU back in, it boots first time no problems.



I don't get it :confused::confused::confused:

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