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Help Needed Please!!!


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Hi all and thanks for reading my thread.


I am trying to set up my ram in my bios and have spent to long searching and getting confused about it all.

I have 2 x cm2x1024-6400 and have put the timings of @ clock2 and trc 24 with 1.9v. But what about the memory ratio what should i have it set at sync ,auto,1.1 ,5.3 ,3.2??? and should i have my memory linked or unliked???

I have tried to understand it honest but i guess some of us aint suppost 2 lol.

I have my E6600 @ FSB 1333/3.0Ghz and my ram shows up as 800Mhz in Nvidia monitor and 400Mhz in CPU-Z.


Any and i mean any help would be great.

Thanks Paul.

ps all my specs are in my profile

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Thanks ram guy i have done both settings and with unlinked and set at 800mhz i geta ratio of 5.6 , with it linked and at 667mhz i get a ratio of 1.1 so what is the best ratio as both seem to work .

Cheers Paul

ps thanks for the fast responce.

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Well i have done it i tested both settings and unlinked @ 800 mhz with with t2 and trc 22 i was getting 8855mb`s with 58.1 lat and with it linked @ 666 mhz i was only getting 8189mb`s with 66.6 lat.

So thanks Ramguy you answered all my questions.:laughing:

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