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How to tell If what I bought is "real"?

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Good Afternoon, I've recently purchased this memory from an individual on eBay. I was wondering how to determine, if what I bought is a "matched pair". The following is listed on the memory: CMX256A - 4000PT (upper left side) XMS4000v 1.1 (upper right side) 0334840 (upper right side) serial number? On the bottom the following: XMS4000, 256MB, 500MHz and 3448 There is also a TWINX sticker on both sticks of memory. All placed on a Holographic sticker. I wrote Corsair Tech Support on The 13th of this month and I'm still waiting for a reply. Would anybody care to help me? I'm just about to start a much needed rebuild, after four long years. Thanks, Captain Harlock.
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