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3.5" Floppy emulation on USB Flash?


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I'm looking for a way to make my old 1GB Corsair drive emulate a floppy, BUT, not have it boot directly to it.


I'm basically trying to avoid having to find and yank an old floppy drive for a new system just to be able to install and use F6 drivers. (Win Server 2003 SBS)


Maybe have it be possible to emulate a floppy, boot into the flash drive, then exit whatever program so it still has then floppy drive emulation but be able to run windows setup?


I know there are many applications that will emulate a floppy drive in the boot sector, but all the ones I've found require you to boot into that drive instead of handing off to say a CD-ROM or HDD. I just need pure emulation that will report to the system that it's a floppy so the Windows setup will pull drivers from it. (Microsoft are retards for forcing floppies like this.)


I'm hoping there's a software solution I can do to the drive to accomplish this, the only other solid way I can think of would be a motherboard BIOS tweak that enables this functionality. But that would be too useful and ingenious for a motherboard manufacturer to think up.


Or does anyone know if nLite is solid using Windows Server 2003 SBS so maybe I can just slipstream the RAID drivers into a new CD?

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I'm not aware of a single MoBo, let alone Vendor in general, that has been smart enough to do that.


Taiwan might be a manufacturing power-house, but it's slim on useful innovation.


EDIT: I'm trying this on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R with release BIOS

I also don't have that option on any of my Abit boards.

The only other vendors I know that are big on innovation and product differentiation are Asus and DFI, of which I own neither of anymore to check.


I can see like SuperMicro or Tyan doing something like that for their high-end server boards. Or at least they bloody should!


EDIT2: So I'm s.o.l. on using my flash drive to do it, guess I'll have to pony up and buy legacy. Thanks for the help though!

Corsair should spear-head a movement to develop just such a technology with MoBo vendors. Because I love you guys!

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