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ASUS P5B and 4GB


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I've got 2 CM2X1024-6400PRO (2x1GB) sticks in an ASUS P5b Deluxe MB, (chipset P965). Processor is Core 2 Duo E6600. 460w PSU, OS is XP Pro.

No overclocking and no problems with this config for a year.

I recently added 2 TWIN2X2048-6400C4 (2x1GB) to give me 4GB.

After rebooting, XP reported only 2.93 GB RAM. Ran Memtest86+ on the individual sticks, one of the new TWIN2X2048-6400C4 sticks came back with multiple errors.


I assumed the bad stick caused XP to read the memory at 2.93GB instead of the 4GB that was installed. But after browsing some forums there seems to be issues with some ASUS boards using 4 1GB sticks.

Also I'm wondering if the CM2X1024-6400PRO and the TWIN2X2048-6400C4 should be mixed on this board.

The CM2X1024-6400PRO is 5-5-5-12, 1.9V. The TWIN2X2048-6400C4 is 4-4-4-12 2.1V.

I made no BIOS changes prior to installation, memory voltage is set at 1.9V.


Should I RMA the TWIN2X2048-6400C4 for a replacement or refund?


And if I do combine these two, should I run them at 1.9V or 2.1V?


Thanks in advance...



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No that is normal for a 32 Bit O.S. you will never see the full size of the memory.


Thanks for the reply,


Does that refer to 4GB of memory, because XP does recognize the full 2GB in there right now, (right click My Computer > Properties)

With 4GB installed only 2.93GB was listed under Properties.



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