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First i would recomend everybody not to even consider buying MB as in topic, it doesn't have _any_ memory settings other than frequency - but looking at amount of Asus related topics in this subform I am sure anybody will think twice before buing any Asus :P

Now back to my problem: TWIN2X1024-5400C4 isnt working correctly in dual channel mode (at default 5-5-5-15 ). I moved sticks to seperate banks to force single channel - it works perfect - it passed 22 memtest rounds.

Memtest shows errors quite random In dual channel mode - sometimes 3, sometimes 0 and sometimes 15 per ~20 minute round. Orthos (prime95 based software) is more deterministic - it always fails with test cpu&mem option ( and works ok, when it is just testing cpu, with low memory uisage ).

Looking at others Asus topics - should I try to raise memory voltage? Starting from 1.9 up to 2.1? What step should I use? 0.02 for example?

Edit: 1.9v was enought. I need to leave memtest for night, but it seems to be ok now :)

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