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Were I left off


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picking up where i left off,


i started out with 2 512 sticks of twinX -3200C2Pro.:ar:

I wanted to add 2 1024 sticks of CMXP -3200C2XMS.:brick:



I tried and I don't know the original setting I need to apply or motherboeard installation order, I have a DFI board, or how to adjust them.:!oops:

This is a custom built tower and I have had lots of help.


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The 2 sticks I am trying to add are

Corsair XMS2 Xpert





The two I have in it are XMX TWINX512/1024(2) pro series

They are both Corsair xms Led series

but the ones in it have led meters wave and the new ones have the modular panels that are programmable and twice the memory.

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