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Random freezing (no BSOD)


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First off! System specs...


Compaq SR1750NX

AMD 2.2GHz Athlon 64 3500+ Venice

2 sets of Corsair VS1GBKIT400 (4x512MB)

512MB ATI Radeon X1300

200gig HD (SATA)

DVD-RW drive

Onboard realtek sound

HIPRO PSU (max output 300w)


Computer runs well (no freezing at all) with:

1.) The Nanya memory that came with it, heh

2.) 1 set of the Corsair VS1GBKIT400 (2x512MB) by itself

3.) The factory Nanya memory that came with the Compaq (2x512MB) together with VS1GBKIT400. Mixing memory doesn't seem to bother it.


However, it is hard freeze city running all 4 sticks of Corsair. It happens randomly. Computer boots just fine, and sometimes I can go an hour without anything going wrong...and then it just FREEZES! No mouse response, can't ctrl-alt-delete out of it or anything. Everything has been Memtested, different configurations, several passes...no errors.


I'm thinking I don't have enough PSU to run the memory, but I can run 2 gigs of mixed ram, so I don't know. The timings are correct and I'm running at 2T. Seing as it is a Compaq, the BIOS is locked and I can't even see what voltage the ram is running at, nor can I change anything.


Please help! Thanks in advance.

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Does each set run with out problems? If so that might suggest a power issue I would suggest trying a Bigger PSU and check with the system builder and see if they have a newer Bios. It takes about 12 watts per module and the PSU you have listed will start to top out at about 220 Watts continuous out put.
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Yeah, each set runs fine by themselves. So that ends that...need to get a board that isn't locked up and more powerful PSU.


I guess one other quick question before I go. The first set of the VS1GBKIT400 I bought in August of 2006 are doubled sided (16 chip) and the ones I bought a few months ago of the same set are single sided (8 chip) That really doesn't make any difference does it?

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