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burnt SATA HD lead....PSU, PSU cable or HD?

Cliff Couser

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well not completely burned...but WOW!


I turn my computer on after changing an intake fan. smell smoke. turn off. stupidly, I turn on again....smell smoke again. turn off!


I opened the case immediately, and smoke is coming out of the SATA power connector on my 320Gb Seagate .11 with some visible amber from where it was burning.


The power lead is all messed up. I took the drive out and tried to take off as much of the melted mess as possible while it was still warm. I thought for sure it was dead.


after the melted goop had dried, i realized that a few of the gold leads got taken out with the melted plastic.


I fire up an old PC just to get online...Then out of curiosity, I gently cleaned the remaining plastic of the SATA power connector on the HD. stick the thing in the old PC.....and low-and-behold...THE THING WAS STILL ALIVE! I was able to transfer 80GB worth of files and more importantly, my .pst file


Just ordered a Spinpoint now, and I'm a little weary if it was the PSU, PSU cable or the HD power connector that caused this. I'm hoping it was the HD's fault.


Anyone else experience something like this before I plug in the Spinpoint?


Does this type of problem normally indicate PSU, PSU cable or HD problem?


* HD was sharing a PSU cable with an SATA DVD/RW (possible cause?)

* PSU - Corsair 620HX

* nothing overclocked



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  • Corsair Employees
I have never seen that problem before, please contact our customer service and ask them to send you another S-ATA cable for your PSU and please let them know that we want to look at the old cables. Call 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext "0".
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Will do RAM GUY.


I'm starting to think it really may be the HD at fault, specifically the plastic area (housing) where the SATA cables connect.


On the Seagate .10 (sorry posted .11 previously) - it feels like a very cheap grade of plastic. It's dry and quite brittle. Not sure if that has anything to do with it though.


Thanks again!

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  • 2 weeks later...



Was hoping you could help me this one last stretch.


I talked to someone from Corsair last Friday (won't mention name here).


He said to email him with the situation and details of the requested replacement for the burnt cable. I did exactly that.


Haven't heard anything from him at all since then.


Is there a specific email I can send to or just email general support?


Thanks again for your assistance!

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