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Dominator 8500 overheating


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hi, i just built a new system, my config is in the profile.

I have a problem with the ram modules as they are hot to the touch at idle speed. the pc health show the cpu at 26 degrees celcius while the system at temp is 53, also on idle. the above mentioed is happeneing while i am running on the bios optimum default, which set the timings to 5,7,7,24 @ 2.2v

i tired to manually set the timings to the 5,5,5,12 @ 2.2v, and the system temp went up to 58 at idle..

i also tried running memtest but it couldn't complete even one test because the RAMs overheated very much, it was burning to the touch.

I also noticed the the module in channel 3 is hotter than the module in channel 1..

please help, i am scared i the RAMs will fry!


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