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TWIN2X20486400C4 OC Question on 680i

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I am overclocking my 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo to 2.66Ghz on an EVGA 680i (A1 Revision)...


Anyway, I did the OC linked to my memory and let the bios (P30) decide how to run my memory...


The memory is now running at 5-6-6-20 at around 887mhz...


Memtest showed no errors after several passes... is this good or bad?

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It's a nice overclock, but you should be able to get that with tighter latencies. I'd say try manual timings, the motherboard's settings will have significant safety margins built into them. Where's the fun in overclocking if you let the motherboard do all the work? :D:

What voltage are you feeding the modules?

If you want to compare tighter latencies at lower speeds to looser latencies at higher speeds, I'd recommend getting Sisoft or some other memory bandwidth benchmarking tool.

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