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Dual PSU HX520 for SLI System


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Hi, I want to set up a new SLI System and I definitely don't want a 1kW Power Supply with noisy fans.


Are there any problems known, when using two HX520 in one system? In the package of the TJ07 Silverstone case there was a cable which allows using two PSUs.


I'm planning to use PSU number one for the mobo and CPU and number two for the two GTX @ SLI. To have a small load on the 5v and 3,3v rail I would connect the DVD and hard disk with PSU number two.


I just want to make sure if it's safe to do this or if this is the best way to toast half of my system. :D:

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If that cable works properly I see no issues using 2 HX520s. I have done dual PSUs in the past before the more recent PSU designs came along.


Another idea, an HX620 will run a GTX SLI setup easily. So, that is another option unless you are just dead set on a dual PSU setup.

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