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Case #199618 cannot correct wrong address!

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I sent in my busted usb drive, and then got an e-mail back saying I'd get my replacement, so far so good. The email had my mailing address wrong. I called in and talked to a guy who said it was no problem; the replacement hadn't shipped yet, and he'd corrected my address.


This morning got an email saying they'd shipped. To the incorrect address. Unfortunately I didn't see it until 5:03 PST, at which point I called and got a weird message "Announcement #1 not recorded" which hung up on me no matter what option I chose.


So I e-mailed, NOT hitting 'reply' but using the link in the e-mail to send to customer service, and got my e-mails returned with failure messages, "<customerservice@corsair.com>: does not like recipient.

Remote host said: 550 <customerservice@corsair.com>, Recipient unknown

Giving up on".


So...now what?

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