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Hi all,


I'm currently using the latest Nvidia Graphics and motherboard drivers. The motherboard has been flashed to the latest version 920.





I'm wondering if someone can help me with a little niggling problem I get from time to time.....


Randomly (every 3 weeks or so), Windows will blue screen and give the following error (screenshots enclosed):






<usual microsoft information detailing check hardware or software is installed correctly>


Technical Information:

STOP: 0X0000007A (0xFFFFF6FD6FE42490, 0xFFFFFFFFC0000185, 0xFFFFFADFC84926B0, 0x000000000ED46860)


ACPI.sys - Address FFFFFADFC84926b0 base at FFFFFADFC844F000, Datestamp 45d694b4





  • At first I thought it might only happen when there's heavy hard drive activity (e.g. when playing a particularly 3D intensive game), but it seems to also occur when I'm just browsing folders on my desktop.
  • When that happens I try to reboot the computer, it will get past the usual first two boot up screens (which show that the hard drive is being detected fine).
  • At this point the computer will either get to the Windows splash screen (as per usual) and hang there for about 10 mins (with much hard drive activity) or the splash screen wont show at all.
  • If the splash screen appears, and if it is left for about 10 mins, then the computer can sometimes recover itself and proceed into loading windows as normal.
  • Other times it has displayed other strange blue screen errors about bad hardware information. The only way round it is to reinstall Windows again. As you can tell, do so is becoming a little annoying. And so the cycle starts again and the same error occurs randomly.
  • Also, in the past when this problem has happened, I've dual booted into Vista whereby it hangs on the Vista splash screen too.
  • Once it boots up ok, then the problem disappears for a while
  • So I'm wondering what exactly is at fault. Is it faulty memory? faulty harddrive? Motherboard? Or Drivers?


I have contacted Abit themselves, who have advised upping the memory voltage to 2.0v.


I've checked the settings on the memory and they are 5-5-5-12 2T.

"DD2 Voltage" is 1.8V,

"DD2 VTT Voltage" is 0.9V

"PCIE Voltage" is 1.54

(looking at the pics I took of the BIOS settings).


I'm dubious to alter the voltage unless I need to. So before I do, I would like you're opinion as to whether:


a) Will raising the "DD2 Voltage" to 2.0V cause any further problems for my system?

b) Do you think there's a possibility it could fix the issue?

c) Do you have any other suggestions?


Your input would be gratefully appreciated.


P.S. Last night I ran memtest via bootable CD all night, 15 passes and no errors.

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