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RAM for a missing VAIO notebook


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Hi there,


I'm looking to get some Corsair RAM upgrades for my VAIO VGN-FJ58GP but I couldn't seem to find my particular model on the memory configurator page. My notebook has 512 MB DDR2 at the moment and I'm hoping to get a few more years out of it (maybe push it to 2 x 1GB sticks) before everyone starts optimising all the RAM for Windows Vista.


I was wondering what speed RAM the upgrades should be: 400, 533, 667...? I checked the other laptops that were mentioned in the Sony FJ series and they seemed to recommend the PC2-4200. Does the same one apply to me?



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I just went down to the shop and the sales guy said that i can use the Corsair 1GB that runs at 667Mhz on just about any Sony laptop because it's designed to be backwards compatible with slower speeds. Apparently only Dell laptops are really stringent because you have to use RAM that they supply...?


My laptop was built to use 533Mhz but supposedly any Corsair is okay. This was the same shop ( not an official Sony shop btw)that sold me the laptop so would I be correct in listening to him?

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