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Why is my DDR400 only recognized by the system as DDR333?


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System Specs:

Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI (recent RMA w/ Bios 21)

ExtremeGamer 600w PSU

Athlon64 3500+ (but also tried A64 3000+ & Opty 165) w/ good air cooling

4x Corsair CMX512-3200XLPro (two sticks of ver 1.1 / two sticks of ver 1.2) DDR400 CAS Voltage set for 2.75 in CMOS

XFX 7950GX2

SATA harddrive & DVDRW

Antec 900 case with very good cooling


It seems that almost any memory setting in the CMOS other than AUTO causes my computer to shutdown when Windows XP Pro starts (though I can start it in Safe Mode). Even when set to Auto, the memory isn't recognized as DDR400, it shows up as DDR333 by ClockGen, CPU-Z, nVidia Tuner, and Abut uGuru utility


Auto = Works but memory only functions as DDR333

SPD = Shutdown

Manual = Works as long as every options is set for Auto, but memory reported as DDR333

Manual = Works if changed from Auto to DDR333

Manual = Shutdown if changed from Auto to DDR400 (or DDR433, 466, etc)

Manual = Shutdown if ANY timing options are change from Auto




Can anybody tell me what's going on?

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