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Corsair XMS2 TwinX 2GB PC2-6400 SLI?


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Hi. i'm new to this forum and i'm in the process of building a comp from scratch:D:. i have most of everything, except monitor (read full sys specs in my prof) i was just wondering if the memory package in the title is certified to work with SLI graphics.:eek: NewEgg.com says it is, so i'm kinda gettin' a mixed message:confused:.


if someone could message me back here or e-mail me at




i'd be most appreciative. thank you!!

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If you are asking about SLI ready memory setting in the newer NVidia chipsets, this setting has nothing to do with the Video Cards it will just set the EPP profile in the module if they have it. And the modules you have asked about do not support this option, you would need to get Twin2x2048-6400C4D or faster for that setting.
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