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Corsair CMX512-4400C25 (XMS4404v1.1)

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I've owned this 1GB kit from new for a few years now, I believe I received it on my birthday about 2 years ago.


Recently my PC that the RAM was in has been getting random BSODs, so I started to test to see what component was causing it. If I swap out the RAM it works perfectly.


So I tried this RAM in the following PCs:


3800 X2

ASRock Dual SATA2

Corsair HX520W



DFI Ultra-D

Hyper 530W



MSI K7n2

Generic 450W


Both the A64 systems (top two) would pass memtest with the RAM at DDR400 3-4-4-8 1T, but the AthlonXP system would get errors in tests 5 and 8. All three systems failed SuperPi 32M and Prime95/Orthos when using this RAM.


All three systems failed memtest at rated speeds of DDR550 2.5-4-4-8, I used upwards dividers to ensure it was not the processor causing the failures. (eg. CPU was at stock, but memory was at 275fsb).


So I think its safe to say that these DIMMs are faulty.


The problem is, as they were bought as a gift for me, over two years ago, I don't have the retail receipt, I'm not even sure where they were bought. this memory has never had more than its rated voltage (2.75v) and always had active cooling its entire life. The heatspreaders have never been removed.


Is it possible to get an RMA?



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If possible I would suggest that you test the modules individually on one of the systems. If you are getting the same issues with both modules there may be different problem than the memory. If one module gives you problems and the other one does not, we will want to replace the set for you.
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OK, I set up the socket A system and ran memtest with various configurations the whole day. I had to use 250Mhz as this board wont boot above that, so I used 250Mhz, 2.5-4-4-8 /w 2.75v.


Each DIMM will pass Memtest86+ v1.70. I did ten loops on each DIMM with no errors.


If I put both DIMMs in, but in single channel configuration I got maybe 2-3 errors over the space of 3 tests.


If I put both DIMMs in and run Dual Channel, I get about 8000 errors per test.


I also tried them today in a DFI 939 board, each DIMM worked perfectly at 275Mhz, 2.5-4-4-8 /w 2.80v (cant use 2.75v) - passing 5 loops of Memtest86 each. However if run together in Dual Channel it gives thousands of errors.


I'm now confused, what does this indicate?

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But that socket A system will happily do 255Mhz 2.5-4-4-7 using some OCZ Gold EL PC4000.


The DFI 939 system will do 300Mhz 3-4-4-8 using another set of TCCD RAM I have.


I have checked the vDimm using a DMM and neither board undervolts the RAM, so it shouldnt be a voltage issue.


edit: You cant say the name of another RAM manufacturer on this board? lol.

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