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Corsair XMS Memory Chip List


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Here's an updated list of ICs used in Corsair XMS memory sticks. I will update this list as new revisions are introduced and old ICs are phased out. Full credit to Minnyboy who started a similar list and compiled the original data. XMS Corsair XMS-PC2700LL : Winbond BH-6 Corsair XMS-PC3200C2 Rev1.1 : Winbond BH-6 Corsair XMS-PC3200C2 Rev1.2 : Winbond CH-5 Corsair XMS-PC3200LL Rev1.1 : Winbond BH-5 Corsair XMS-PC3200LL Rev1.2 : Winbond CH-5 Corsair XMS-PC3500C2 Rev1.1 : Winbond BH-5 Corsair XMS-PC3700 : Samsung -5 Rev.E Corsair XMS-PC4000 : Hynix D43 Rev.B Corsair XMS-PC4400 : Hynix D5 TwinX Corsair TwinX-PC2700LL : ??? Corsair TwinX-PC3200LL Rev1.1 : Winbond BH-5 Corsair TwinX-PC3200LL Rev1.2 : Winbond CH-5 Corsair TwinX-PC3700 : Samsung -5 Rev.E Corsair TwinX-PC4000 : Hynix D43 Rev.B Corsair TwinX-PC4400 : Hynix D5 XMS Pro Corsair XMS Pro-PC3200 : Corsair XMS Pro-PC3200LL : Corsair XMS Pro-PC4000 :
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