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Dual channel: 1GB fine, 2GB constant game crashes.

Timothy S

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Hey Guys


First im Timothy S and new to this board, but i got here because of a problem i recently bumped into.


I have a MSI K8N Neo 2 NForce 3 chipset, AMD Athlon 64 3200+, Ati Radeon x1950 pro (agp), a Soundblaster Audigy 2 and since the day before yesterday 2GB of Corsair value select ( yes i know, not xms or something, im not such a poweruser and its an older system not worth that kind of memory anymore because i will completely take a new system next year or so).


Anyway my problem is as follows: First i got 2x 512mb in Dual channel everything works brilliant and never had any problems.


I bought 2 extra and identical 512mb for a 2GB dual channel set-up. Well, after installing this windows runs fine, my producing software runs fine, playing videos and so on all fine, except games.


The pc just completely freezes so i have to reset it and it just reboots. No confirmation of an (critical) error recover, nothing and it works fine again. Starting the game and it crashes again.


I already scooped around this board and found some suggestion (more regarding for xms memory) like setting the voltage to 2.7 volt in the bios (was just set on auto) but that didnt work. Also i already changed slots and that didnt help either. So what on earth could this be?


Oh i have a Coolermaster Realpower 450 watts so that shouldnt be the problem i guess, all my drivers are up to date and windows update too.


I hope anyone can help me here.


Cheers and thnx in advance :)

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It's possible your second set are using different ICs resulting in the stability problems. Your best bet is to compare the SPD settings via CPU-Z's SPD tab to see if they're at least configured to run at the same timings.


To get it working with stability make sure the memory command rate is set to 2T and also set the memory SPD settings yourself in the BIOS. If you've tried all that already then in the BIOS choose the memory divider which runs them at DDR333 and see how it goes at that speed.

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hey guys


Well they all run the same according to CPU Z, at 200mhz respectively 2,5-3-3-8.


The speed of my cpu is 2000mhz with a bus speed of 200mhz, multiplier x10 and HT speed of 800mhz (this mobo actually doesnt support 1000mhz like my previous one did but that one had a ****ty chipset imo). It already runs at @ 2T.


I will give it a try to set it manually, and lower it to 333 like you suggested.

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