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1333 fsb memory


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Building a system around a Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R and a E6850 cpu.

Gigabyte shows



1GB CORSAIR CM2X1024-6400C4

1GB CORSAIR CM2X1024-9136C5D

I will be going with 2gig ram.


As compatable memory.

Any reason to go with 8500 over 6400 ?

I just want to plug the sticks in and have the bios select

the correct multiplier to reach 1333 fsb.


Cosair listing for this board show a lot more campatable sticks.

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Similar question to the OP, but if you do *not* want to overclock, is PC2-5400 ram suitable for 1333 FSB? from my reading I think this is the case, but a lot of people seem to be recommending getting faster RAM, even for the future. Thing is, the machine is only going to be put together and that's it, it won't be touched for several years hardware wise.


I'm looking for the same motherboard, GA-G33M-DS2R combined with a E6550.


From my understanding TWIN2X2048-5400C4 would suit for stock Intel speeds, as it operates at 166MHz or 333MHz on the bus clock. This is what the CPU runs at I believe (although it follows Intels quad-pumped figure, so the bus speed is 333 x 4 = 1333MHz advertised bus.


Is my understanding correct that this memory is fine for stock, no overclocking configuration?

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I got cm2x1024-8500c5d for my ga-g33m-ds2r because the price was right.

Using e6850 and very happy with the results. I donot over clock. The old computer was a P4 3.2 with one gig of ram in a Shuttle. I just started collecting parts to replace my other Shuttle, SN95G5 amd 3500+. At this point, thinking

about a Quad core. Time will tell.

The Gigabyte MB was plug and play. Timings are 5-5-5-18 vs 5-5-5-15 that Corasir rates. Did not touch the voltage setting.

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Hi KenW,


So if I have this right, you've bought PC2-8500 which basically runs at 533MHz (effective) where as the CPU you're running at stock speeds, its bus is running at 333MHz (or quad pumped to 1333)


But this is overkill right? Plus it has higher timings? Is the only benefit you have, in that in the future your ram will be capable of running with a CPU of higher bus speed?


If you are not overclocking and don't want to worry about the 'future', then TWIN2X2048-5400C4 should suit for stock default right?

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Overkill, Yes. Take a look at the Gigabyte site for this MoBo. There is a list for ram. The mobo will see the processor and adjust the timings at 333 for 1333 fsb. Just go with your budget. The only complaint I have with the board is the built in video does not go to 1680x1050 which my monitor uses (no updated drivers at this time) I had to get a video card. On the bright side is that the latest bios update will take the new Intel quad core processors. Now those processors are WAY over my price range. I think $1100+ I looked once said 'yeh right' and never looked since !!

But, when the price comes down, who knows.


I also think I picked the 8500c5d because the Micron chips were highly rated.


Over the years, I like to get a great mobo, very good memory, decent video card and a processor that is just below the top ones. Has served me well.

Both of my Shuttles are 4+ years old and the cpus were very good at the time, without any problems. My Granddaughter now has the P4 Shuttle as update to the P3 600 I gave her.

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