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Corsair XMS2 Xpert LED incorrect indicates

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Hello, i'am from Germany.

I bought the memory before a few days by a unknown person at Ebay.

I think the Memory modul is defectively.

That's why the indicate don't work correctly, some indicates are missing.

I hope someone can help me. For better understandig i've got take some pics from the error.


It is defective or an application error?

What must i do to repair the error?


Please help me.


Geetings from East-Germany ;):

Sorry for my bad English. :roll:




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Thanks for the info.

I've got tested the memory meanwhile on 3 Mainboards and always with the same error.

I'm very frustrated. I looked for a long time for this memory and finally got one, but this memory is defective.


Is there a way to send this memory directly to corsair to repair that defect thing?


Many greetings from Germany :o:

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