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ASUS PC Probe RAM ERROR Warnings


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hi, just bought a new PC with ASUS COMMANDO motherboard and windows XP.


I paid someone to assemble my computer, he haven't touch the Memmory BIOS, i checked and it all set to AUTO and SPD enabled.


i run ASUS PC probe II and it comes up with a warning saying that:


"DDR II voltage abnormal 2.14v"


"Termination voltage abnormal 1.07v"


my RAM is a CORSAIR TWIN2X-2048-PC6400C4 2GB 800MHZ


is there anything wrong?

is this voltage dangerous for my RAM?

what should i do?


edit: btw, what is this Warning means? Termination voltage? whats that?


and is this the right forum to post? please excuse me if i didn't post it in the right forum.

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i just updated my BIOS, it is now version 1001

no change. the PC PROBE still says the same things. DDR II abnormal bla bla bla..


i'm just wondering. is the 2.14v and 1.07v is actually the normal voltage for this DDR II 800mhz RAM.


btw, i ran CPU-Z and it shows under "Memory" tab, i'm running 5-5-5-18 and under "SPD" it says 4-4-4-12. which one is my current RAM timings? my guess is the one that is under memory tab. but how come? 5-5-5-18? in the BIOS i did set the TIMING BY SPD [ENABLED] but how come my RAM timing is 5-5-5-18?

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THANK GOD! it is YOU the famous RAM GUY! lol



how do i do that? this is already the default. in any case. you haven't really answer my question. (sorry.. i'm kind of new to building custom computer. this is my first build)


though the most important question is...is it OK if i just run it like this? is it safe to run it at this voltage? and at this settings

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Please call our tech support (800-205-7657) and we will be happy to talk you threw the settings. But yes I have answered you as far as I can. You would need to talk to ASUS about their software and the their BIOS especially if that is doing that at default settings. Again get the latest BIOS and then load setup defaults and then set the settings and see if the errors goes away. If not look for a newer version of the software or contact the MB maker.
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well, i tried to find the support for asus, apparently i'm having trouble finding the contact for my motherboard here in AUSTRALIA.. tried the asus website, looked for support, can't find anything, updated PC PROBE, doesnt work, tried to register, but having problem again, hmmphh, no good from asus.


anyways, i talk to the technical support for the place where i bought the RAM from and they tells me to update the BIOS (did that, didn't work). talk to the guy who build my computer he says that its should be alright as it is the default option, so its shouldn't cause any problem, and i should ignore it..


so is runnning this RAM on this settings allright? 2.1v 5-5-5-18.

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