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I think I have a bad stick but not sure :<


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Yesterday I started getting a few random errors and then a BSOD. I had never had any issues with this pc up until then. This morning I turned on my PC and it just made a long non-stop beep noise and it wouldnt POST. On the back on the motherboard it said DET DRAM on the little lcd screen so I removed a stick of ram and it booted up fine. I shut it down again and replaced the stick with the other one, and this time it did the long beep and wouldnt POST again so I figured that it was a faulty stick.


I was going to return it but then I remembered a problem with the striker extreme mobo where its default memory voltage is only 1.8v but the dominator memory stock voltage is 2.1v. So I put the good stick in and took a look in my BIOS to see if it had reset back to 1.8v for some reason. It hadnt, and it was still set to 2.1v. So then I got curious and I increased my voltage to 2.20v and stuck the bad stick of ram back in again. The computer POST'd fine so I ran memtest and it didnt find any errors. I was going to just leave it at 2.2v and live with it, but then when I booted in to windows I got BSOD before it even finished booting. I tryed again, and again and got random crashes and rebooting happening all before windows even finished loading. I ran memtest once again just to make sure I didnt miss something but it runs fine with no errors. I figured that the fault must lie in the peice of memory that is filled with system resources. 63meg of the ram is untestable because it is filled with system resources that cant be unloaded or moved to a different area. If the stick is 1024 meg then thats a 6.1% chance that the error is in that area I guess ;S


So I went back in to BIOS and I increased the voltage to 2.3 volts. I am on my PC now and it is in windows working fine with the memory at 2.3 volts! So, both sticks work fine at this voltage, but I dunno if I should settle for that. I feel that if it has started to turn faulty at its stock voltage then I should take it back. And besides, if it stopped working at 2.1 volts then maybe in another week it will stop working at 2.3 volts.


So what do you think? Why would my ram pass the memtest but then get random errors while booting in to windows, and why does it now work at increased voltage? Do you think that my above assessment is correct and that one stick of ram is indeed faulty? Should I live with it at higher voltage or should I try and return it? The annoying thing is that my local shop where I get my pc parts from forces you to demonstrait the fault when you return an item. If I went in tommorow they would give me a mobo and a cpu and a power supply and say 'here, put this together and put your ram in it and show me what its doing' and I just know that the motherboards memory voltage would be set to 2.3V and that it would all work fine :D: it is sods law ;/


Oh and one other thing, am I right in saying that the Dominator memory is rated to work at anything up to 2.9v as normal?

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Max Voltage is 2.1 Volts for these modules but let's get them replaced.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it, please note that you are posting from the forum!

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