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Hey guys.... I have TwinX1024 3700PT and a P4 3.0c I have run my modules at 250fsb... but things tend to crash after half an hour or so! Now my RAM is meant to run at 233fsb... but what voltage should i give it? I normally have it at 2.75, but is that too much when the ram isn't overclocked? Should I have it on default? Also can this memory be run at 2.85v or will it be harmed? (please give me the official Corsair answer and the officials Overclockers answer) :) Lastly... i really want the TwinX1024 4000PT Ram... but it's alot to spend for an extra 17fsb... is there any sort of exchange service i can use at Corsair (or anywhere) where I can pay the difference and swap my RAM? I assume there are people out there with XMS4000 RAM and a CPU that can't make the use of the speed... whereas i need 250 fsb and my 3700 is just a little short.... Any one wanna swap RAM and have me give you some cash?? RAMGUY... you must have a house made of XMS4000... surely a matched pair going spare... or can be swapped with my sparkly 3700PT??
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