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What RAM is this?


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I'm having problem figuring out just what these chips are supposed to be. They came in dual channel pack (the package details and pictures are in the next post due to attachment limits). I first noticed they are PC100/133 (which doesn't make sense since PC100/133 doesn't support dual channel). Then when I plugged them in, they came up as 64 megs each. Any insight would be helpful.



Picture of back of chips.



Picture of front of chips.



Label/sticker on back of chips.



Label/sticker on front of chips.

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Here are the pictures of the packaging. Please make note that the sticker on the package has the same serial number as the one on the front of the RAM sticks. That's why even if it has the wrong cardboard insert/backing I know that the chips were sold as a dual channel set. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Overall package with RAM chips in it.



Close up of label/sticker on package.

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You need to contact the reseller as they sold you counterfeit parts and use one of our newer packages. Who was the reseller you got these from?


They were given to me, so I will ask the person that gave them to me where they got them from.

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