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Probs with p5n32-sli & Dominator 6400 RAM


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I am having major probs with the above.


I guess i will start at the beginning.


At first RAM was fine if i had it running at 667 instead of 800 then one day i just got a neverending beep when i switched on my PC.


after much worrying i decided to check teh 2 RAM sticks. Booted up fine with stick 1 on its own.... booted up fine with stick 2 on its own. Put them together and i get NIX.


I have tried each of the 4 slots for the RAM on the MB and each works fine as long as there is only ONE stick of Ram in otherwise i get nothing.


I am at a loss as to what i can do :[pouts:

I just dont get what could have happened for the RAM to stop working (although i guess i should have been worried when it wouldnt run at 800 with 4-4-4-12 timings considering that is the default)


Does anyone have any idea what i can do???

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