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Memtest86+ MANY errors, then just some...


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Dear RAM Guy,


Been having some BSOD's and random lockups. http.sys, win32k.sys, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, etc.


I ran MemTest86+ as instructed. As soon as it started I had error after error after error. As Test 6 ran, I was up to 29,000+.


I restarted the test and it is now running. I've got...


0 in Test 0

0 in Test 1

1 in Test 2

2 in Test 3

12 in Test 4

0 in Test 5

12 in Test 6


Should I keep going?


My Settings Are...

Phoenix AwardBIOS Rev. 0608


NB PCIE Freq "100"

VCore Voltage "Auto"

Memory Voltage "2.085V"

NB Core Voltage "1.393V"

VCore Offset Voltage "Auto"


FSB Mem Clock Mode "Unlinked"

FSB (QDR), MHz "1066"

MEM (DDR), MHz "800"

SLI-Ready Mem "Disabled"


Mem Timing...

tCL "4"

tRCD "4"

tRP "4"

tRAS "12"

Command Per Clock (CMD) "2 clock"

tRRD "Auto"

tRC "22"

tWR "Auto"

tWTR "Auto"

tREF "Auto"

tRD "Auto"

tRFC "Auto"

Async Latency "Auto"


Any help would be VERY appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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