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PC Turns off with a chirp noise


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Can anyone help?


My pc keeps powering off by itself. I don't think its overheating as Im using a Zalman CPU fan and motherboard has heat pipes all over it. The fan speeds are not increasing at all around the point when the PC turns off.


The PSU makes a quick chirp/squeal for a second or 2 just before going off. Does anyone know what that means?


I have just replaced my motherboard due to similar problems with another make of mobo I had before. With that one the pc was just turning off with no noise.


I thought the problem may be to do with power surges or something. I've tried another 4 way adapter incase it was faulty. It's been ok for about 5 days and again today its turned off 3 times.


I have a x2 6000+

8800 GTX

m2n32 deluxe

corsair 520 psu

raptor 74gig

160 gig maxtor

200 gig caviar

dvd writer

3 system fans

zalman am2 fan



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Same chirp noise happens with my machine too on powering down, Its normal what it is, is the 8800 GTX has a siren built onto the card to warn you there is insufficiant power to the card and will sound if youve forgotten to put the power plugs to it, so the Chirping noise occurs as the PSU seems to power down the GFX card first and then the rest of the PC so the Siren fires up just as the machine switches off hence the Chirp noise.


Hope this makes sense, try unplugging the power from the GTX and then power up your machine to hear the siren , Its pretty loud. :biggrin:


Im using a Striker Extreme Motherboard and an ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler this Motherboard also has Heat pipes all over it and as it uses the Nvidia 680i chipset it runs very hot, the heat pipes needed the fan from the stock HSF to blow air over the them to cool them down and as ive moved the fan away ive had to add a fan to the heat pipes, one comes with this motherboard.


I think maybe your system is oveheating and the machine is tripping out, try opening the side of the machine and stand a big deskfan next to it so its blowing lots of cool air straight into the machine, if it stays on you need to look at your air flow again.


Good luck

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Thanks for the reply.


Im not sure about the overheating. If I play a game i hear my system/cpu fans increase in speed and volume to cool things down. The random power offs are happening in Vista when its just running Word or something, with no increase in fan speed.


My prev set up had problems with it turning off when running 3dmark, or just after running it. Now i can leave my PC going all night looping 3dmark and still be going next day.


But get these random power offs when doing nothing intense......

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Im Still in the process of testing this but I found one of my hard drives (the ide one) has a dodgy power connector.


If i wiggle it the hard drive motor goes off/on, this causes Vista to lock up (hard disk not running any o/s, just used for storage). I wonder if this could be the problem.


I Have disconnected for now, has anyone experienced this kind of thing? (Its the hard disk connector not the PSU plug, have tried another one)


Can this make a PC power itself off randomly?

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Looks like the hard drive wasn't the problem, although PC has only turned itself off once since disconnecting the drive rather than several times in 1 day. I thought I'd fixed it as it ran all night without crashing.



This is driving me nuts!!!!


Anyone have any suggestions.


Im sure I have a big enough power supply for my system (Corsair 520)?


I don't think its a heat issue, unless the PSU is overheating, but how can I tell this?

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If possible you might want to test the PSU in a known working system, to see if you have the same issues. This will at least tell you if the PSU itself is causing the sounds or if there is another component or configuration issue.
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Hi there


I Think (Touch Wood) I have resolved by problems. It looks like cooling may have been the issue. I just got a new case. An Antec 900, this case is amazing. Im running 7 fans in it. One of them on top is 200mm, yet its still a quiet system. It also has a middle fan blowing directly on my 8800.


Check these temps out, this is running with motherboard set to auto overclock.


Before / Now


8800 80-85o / 64o

X2 6000+ 65-70o / 45o

M2N32SLI D 45 -50o / 35o



No crashes so far!!!!!!!!!!!




Thanks for all the advice

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